Dynamic Designers

Giving our customers high-quality custom tags in a short amount of time at a competitive price. Our online dynamic designers allow customers a new economical way to customize any of our products in a quick, straightforward way. There are no setup or plate fees and our tags ship fast, often in just 3-4 days. Also, ordering through Dynamic Tag allows you to avoid typical industry setup fees often upwards of $100 or more. No where else will you find this flexible level of customization, production speed, and economical pricing.

Doing More So You Don’t Have To

If you find limitations with any of our dynamic designers, or you are looking for something a little different, we offer a full range of custom sizes and additional options. Our sales staff is happy to discuss any special requests and we also have several full-time graphic art professionals on staff to assist with additional design services if you prefer. We understand the importance of making your brand look as good as it can for any situation, from small admissions to large events we’ve got you covered.

Committed To Being Green

We are proud to take numerous steps to minimize our impact on the environment. We only choose paper manufacturers who actively take steps towards environmental conservation. Our digital press inks are environmentally friendly and are even approved by the FDA for direct contact with food products. Last year our entire building was converted to high efficiency LED lighting and HVAC rooftop units.


Print Options



The Original style of tag or ticket means that only front-side printing is allowed.



The Prime style of tag or ticket has color front-side printing and back-side black text printing.



The Super style of tag or ticket has both front and back-side color printing.



The Deluxe style of tag or ticket has full bleed, full color, front and back-side printing.

*Also comes in one sided version

Variable Data



Sequential and Range Numbering is the classic way tickets are typically numbered. Incrementing or decrementing by 1 every tag or ticket or in set multiples.



1D or 1-dimensional barcodes are recognized easily by their vertical lines. Scanning any cross-section of the full width allows for easy reading of these barcodes. They are able to encode letters, numbers and various special characters depending on the type of code.


QR Codes

The Quick Response Code (known more commonly as a QR Code) is a type of two-dimensional matrix barcode. Once scanned the QR code can provide various information including numbers, websites and short text messages.


Color & Graphics 

We are able to print beautifully vibrant full color tickets. This is great for logos, advertisements or even just making some text POP! We have product options available for both single-sided and two-sided tags or tickets with full color as well as more economical black only options.



Black Light

Never worry about a fake pass ever again. Our unique ability to be able to print watermarks and other graphics in black Light will let your tickets and tags be ultra secure.


Neon Spot Color

Neon toner is just another line of defense that will make it harder for others to copy our tickets or tags.



Transparency for parking decals are another way to be able to have security with your permits. These stickers are impossible to copy, durable, and waterproof.


Unique Numbering

Classic numbering isn’t the only numbering we offer. Options like prefixes and incrementing QR codes are only the beginning of what we can do.